Holy Women, Holy Men: (downloadable file)

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TitleHoly Women, Holy Men: (downloadable file)
NotesFully revised and expanded, this new work is the first major revision of the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church in more than 40 years! It is the official revision of Lesser Feasts and Fasts and authorized by the 2009 General Convention. All commemorations in Lesser Feasts and Fasts have been retained, and many new ones added. Three scripture readings (instead of current two) are provided for all minor holy days. Additional new material includes a votive mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, many more ecumenical commemorations, plus a proper for space exploration.

The lesser feasts listed in Holy Women, Holy Men: Celebrating the Saints are commended for optional observance and are not intended in any way to detract from the primacy of Sunday and the celebration of the major Holy Days.

To assist the liturgical commemoration of these saints’ days, Collects in both traditional and modern language have been provided in every case, along with three Scripture readings, should such be needed for a full Eucharistic celebration. An appropriate Preface has been suggested, and a biography of the person or persons being commemorated is also provided.

On some occasions two or more persons are to be commemorated jointly and consequently they share the same Proper; on other occasions two separate commemorations occur on the same day and they each have their own Proper. The decision will need to be made in each worshiping community as to which of the two commemorations will be observed on this day in a particular year. Additional Commons have also been approved by General Convention and are included here.

As with past editions of Lesser Feasts and Fasts, this volume contains Lessons and Psalms for the weekdays of the Advent, Christmas (until the Baptism of Christ), Lent and Easter Seasons. A six-week Eucharistic Lectionary and a two-year Weekday Eucharistic Lectionary are also to be found here.

RecommendationsAlso available in print; see WL TEC 3159
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TypeOnline Document   PublisherThe Episcopal Church/Church Publishing
LanguageEnglish   Year2010
AudienceAdult   Call IDWL Tec
Length797 pages   Keywordssaints, lesser feasts and fasts, liturgy, worship, collect, prayer
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